Airport Improvement Projects


idot/TIPS Airport Improvements

2019: Runway 18/36 Lighting Circuits
2019: Taxiway Alpha Lighting Circuits
2019: Taxiway Charlie and Delta Rehabilitation

2020: Runway 7/25 Rehabilitation

Airport Layout Plan


New Enhanced DME antenna at Whiteside County Airport.

New Enhanced DME antenna at Whiteside County Airport.

NEW Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

Enhanced Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) co-located with the Instrument Landing System (ILS) localizer antenna upgrade project by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is nearing completion.  The FAA is completing their final flight checks, certification and charting before it goes fully operational and available to pilots to use while flying instrument approaches into Whiteside County Airport.  The upgrade is part of the FAA's NextGen aircraft navigational upgrades.  Currently, this is the most sophisticated DME system in the Great Lakes region.

Want to learn more about the Instrument Landing System and Distance Measuring Equipment?  Visit the FAA's webpage for more information about navigational equipment.