Safety Management System (SMS) | Safety reporting form

The safety of personnel associated with the Whiteside County Airport is of unrivaled importance to the Whiteside County Airport Board. Safety is an activity that requires deliberate effort and personal commitment from every member of the Whiteside County Airport community. Our commitment is to work alongside each of you in proactively ensuring the safety environment we can collectively achieve. The result is a non-punitive working environment that encourages the identification, reporting, and correction of safety issues by all airport employees, airport tenants, and visitors.

The Whiteside County Airport Board pledges that disciplinary action will not be taken against any person reporting a safety hazard or safety concern. We encourage you to play an active role in creating an atmosphere where safety permeates the fabric of our organization.

The SMS Confidential Hazard Reporting Program provides for uninhibited reporting of an existing and potentially hazardous condition and occurrences at the Whiteside County Airport. With participation from YOU, accidents may be prevented.

The overall safety environment of the airport can be improved while protecting the reporter’s confidentiality and thus eliminating any fear of retribution.

The intent of this form it to identify, track, and through increased awareness prevent similar situations from occurring in the future. This document is not intended to provoke a safety check of any airport employee, tenant user, or visitor. The information requested will help us contact you in the event that more information is needed. Your personal information on this form is strictly voluntary and anonymity will be maintained to continue to promote the reporting of safety related events or hazards. If you have any questions regarding the use of this form please contact the Whiteside County Airport Board.

Learn more about Safety Management System on the Federal Aviation Administration's website.

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